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Anmerkung des Autors

Groovy Beach is a bold, captivating font that radiates a retro-inspired, beach-themed charm. Designed by Bangkit Tri Setiadi, this display font exudes a playful, groovy aesthetic with its distinctive rounded edges and dynamic letterforms. The condensed width lends a sense of energy and movement, making it well-suited for eye-catching headlines, titles, and branding applications.

Evoking the carefree spirit of sun-drenched shores, Groovy Beach would be a perfect fit for coastal-themed designs, surf-inspired logos, and vibrant promotional materials. Its bold, attention-grabbing presence could also enliven book covers, album art, and festival posters, adding a touch of vintage-inspired flair to modern design projects.

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1. This font is for PERSONAL USE only. No commercial use is allowed.
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Groovy Beach by Blankids Studio
Groovy Beach
Einzigartige Unterfamilieidentifikation
Version 1.001;Fontself Maker 3.5.7;XXXX;GroovyBeach-Regular;2023;FL720
Vollständiger Schriftname
Groovy Beach Regular
Name-Tabelle Version
Version 1.001;Fontself Maker 3.5.7
Trademark Groovy Beach by Blankids Studio

Erweiterte Schriftarten Information

Unterstützte Plattformen

UnicodeUnicode 2.0 und nachfolgende Semantik, nur BMP-Unicode
MacintoshWestliche (römische)
MicrosoftNur BMP Unicode


Einheiten pro Em1000
Einbindungs RechteEinbindung für Festinstallation
Familien GattungOhne Klassifikation
StärkeSehr fett
Mac StyleFett
RichtungNur stark von Links nach Rechts gehende Schriftzeichen + enthält
Muster BeschaffenheitRegelmäßig
AbstandUngleicher Abstand
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Groovy Beach Regular.ttf
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Groovy Beach Extrude Blankids StudioWeb Site TrueTypeZum persönlichen Gebrauch
Groovy Beach Extrude.ttf